A New Race, A New Massive Opportunity for Life Science Companies

Disruption and change always bring opportunity for those who are ready to see it and grab it.

If you are a small life science company, it might not feel like you can beat the big guys. But history says you can. For example, in the race to the top of the online Internet service world (where even the definition of terms has changed), Prodigy lost out to AOL, which lost out to Yahoo, which lost out to Google, each from a seemingly unassailable position.

The way those former small guys won out was by seeing new paradigms as possibilities and grabbing them with both hands, while their competitors clung on to their previously winning but now sadly outdated approaches.

On the other hand, if you are a big company and you want to stay there, you need to keep earning your place at the top. That means continually learning what is changing, being aware of what is new and knowing what is working in the world. It also means being flexible and brave enough to change so your company keeps adapting its approach.

The new paradigm for Life Science Companies

Right now, the big disruption, the huge change, and therefore the massive opportunity for Life Science companies lies in marketing.

There is a lot of really fabulous marketing going on in the world. It’s just not happening in Life Sciences.

While Lush Cosmetics keeps its target market within its sphere of influence with regular educational blog posts on beauty and green living, and Gibson keeps attracting guitarists to its brand with guitar lessons and practical tips galore, most life science companies are still stuck in the early 2000s paradigm of banners and eblasts.

For the rest of the world, interruption marketing as a primary strategy is out and educational content marketing is in. This change has happened because in this internet age content marketing is more effective and makes more economic sense than anything else.

But for some strange reason, apart from some courageous (and highly successful) early adopters, most life science companies seem to be stuck pushing impressions, blasting lists and counting clicks.

And therein lies the opportunity. Fortunately for you, in the new race to the top most of your competitors are stuck procrastinating, making banners and blasting on the starting line after the gun has fired.

To make sure your company is among the big guys in ten years, you don’t have to run faster towards the new paradigm than the early adopters – you just have to run faster than your stuck and scared competitors who have not even begun to move yet.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Bitesize Bio has been running the content marketing race since 2007 and is now attracting over 1.8 million bioscientists per year, all through organic search and conversion. We can use this base to propel your company to the front by leveraging our traffic, SEO expertise and editorial team to create permanent content. This content served as an asset within your community that will work perpetually to attract, engage and influence your target market – and get them to consistently click through to your website’s product pages. We can also create content for your own website to do the same.

Call me at the number below to chat about getting your company off the starting line.

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Stephanie Larae is Marketing Outreach Manager for Bitesize Bio. She helps marketers in life science businesses reach a very large and very active community of bench-based bioscientists. Bitesize Bio affords you the opportunity to get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of bench-based bioscientists every month and to gather high value leads. You can reach Stephanie by connecting here on LinkedIn, emailing [email protected] or calling +1 (510) 730-3116.

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