The New Art of Filling Your Sales Funnel

Getting people into the top of your sales funnel – finding new individuals in your target market and getting them to notice your brand and its products – is perhaps the trickiest part of marketing.

Fill-the-funnel approaches involve discovering where your market is (where they work, what they read and where they’re going), then meeting them with a message that will earn their attention. Common approaches have been (and continue to include):

  •          Attending trade shows and conferences to talk directly to customers
  •          Cold calling, mailshots, and email blasts
  •          Sending out armies of field sales reps to engage researchers
  •          Publishing articles, webinars, etc., in journals and other publications

Filling the funnel requires continuous energy input

These activities always have required continuous input of a lot of energy and resources. And I’m not talking about just one single input of energy, but repeated inputs.

Traditionally, if you wanted to keep new researchers flowing into the top of your funnel, you would need to attend your targeted trade shows every year, make your cold-calls every week, send out the field reps every day and publish those articles over and over.

If you stopped putting in energy (bottom line: money and effort), you dropped out of the limelight. You would no longer be visible to your market, your funnel stopped filling and your sales pipeline dried up.

This was the state of the art of funnel-filling before the advent of an amazing invention–the search engine.

Energy in the post-search engine era

The search engine is a game-changer for filling your funnel for one very subtle reason: it allows exactly the right researchers to, rather than you having to find them.

Thanks to search engines, you can enter a single input of energy and resources to create and publish an article that will the right researchers to you.

This means your target market is out there in “Google-Land,” searching every day for help on the technical issues that matter to them.

If you create an article (one energy input) that answers the questions your target market is asking, they will find it, read it, see your brand and (if you set things up correctly), enter the top of your sales funnel. If you create 10 such articles (10 energy inputs), you open 10 paths that continuously attract researchers into your sales funnel.

And if you commit to creating articles on a routine basis, before you know it, you will have thousands of articles that attract millions of bioscientists right out of Google and right into your sales funnel year after year.

How do we know? Because we did it. In eight years, Bitesize Bio grew from zero articles and zero traffic to thousands of articles that attract more than 1.2 million new researchers, straight from organic search, year after year after year.

We can help you get a piece of that for your brand. We help you fill your sales funnel the easy way by:

  •    Publishing articles and webinars on Bitesize Bio to take advantage of our search engine prowess, expert writing team and permanent article/webinar hosting policy to get instant and perpetual traffic into your funnel or
  •    Having us create articles and other content for your own website that will attract the right researchers year after year.

Want to start filling your funnel? Give me a call or drop me a line.

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Stephanie Larae is Marketing Outreach Manager for Bitesize Bio. She helps marketers in life science businesses reach a very large and very active community of bench-based bioscientists. Bitesize Bio affords you the opportunity to get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of bench-based bioscientists every month and to gather high value leads. You can reach Stephanie by connecting here on LinkedIn, emailing [email protected] or calling +1 (510) 730-3116.

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