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Perpetually attract, influence and convert bioscientists

Imagine a perpetual, seamless “set-and-leave machine” that attracts continuous flow of targeted, primed bioscientists, engages and influences them in your brand's name, then tags them for remarketing to and conversion.

Wouldn't that make your marketing life easier and far more profitable?

Stop Imagining!

We've Evolved It.

Evolve away from:

paying high “rental fees” month after month for poorly converting display exposure

accepting vague targeting and one-time engagement

irritating your researchers by continually interrupting them with “buy” messages

Instead, we help you establish permanent marketing assets that work for you immediately, then every month for decades to:

Continuously attract highly targeted, engaged researchers, right when they are looking for your help

Assist and influence those researchers, building awareness and authority for your brand

Tag the attracted researchers, remarket to them and convert them to get them into your CRM

It's time you evolved to Life Science Marketing 2.0


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What is the old Life Science Marketing 1.0?

Life Science Marketing 1.0 is the cash-intensive, low-efficacy approach many have resigned themselves to as marketers. You are no doubt all too familiar with burning cash month after month to:

  • rent banner ad exposure that brings only short-term, fleeting engagement
  • hire access to email lists over and over again to interrupt researchers in their inboxes
  • create engaging content (like webinars for example) only to watch that content and its ROI disappear after a just few months

These inefficient, expensive, high maintenance approaches have been the only option for marketers for a very long time. Life science marketers have been lulled into accepting expensive, short term, brand-damaging interruptions to researchers as the norm. They consent to burning cash and energy over and over again just to hang on to a dwindling level of exposure. But now there is a better way.

What makes Life Science Marketing 2.0 different (and far better)?

Thankfully, Life Science Marketing 2.0 has now evolved. It's a new, more efficient 21st century marketing approach that enables your company to create a core of permanent marketing assets. It is a "set-and-leave-machine" that works for your company to:

  • Attract targeted bioscience researchers who are actively seeking your assistance with problems in the technical areas your products and services solve
  • Influence those researchers by providing them with quality information, branded to your company that gives them the assistance they seek, thereby elevating your brand’s visibility and authority
  • Remarket and convert those researchers by dropping a tracking tag onto their computers and offering them, over a period of days, weeks or months, compelling, high quality eBooks, free samples or other offers to compel them to provide you with their contact details.

The 2.0 approach is so far from the 1.0 norm you've become used to that we need to emphasize this again:

This is the new "set and leave" marketing asset strategy. You set up each asset once, then they work on autopilot to continuously attract, influence and convert a steady stream of researchers for months, years and even decades. In fact, it even packs an initial surge on the front end each time you launch a new asset.


How does Life Science Marketing 2.0 perpetually attract engaged, targeted researchers?

Life Science Marketing 2.0 harnesses the attracting and influencing power you can only get from branded educational content.

Superbly executed educational content, when published in the right place, draws a continuous stream of qualified researchers. This is because your customers and researchers run into problems, pain points and puzzling conundrums on a daily basis.

So as a group they they are continuously searching Google and other go-to educational hubs to find articles and resources that offer answers, clarity and solutions.

When you publish branded educational articles that address perennial questions, and you ensure your researchers can find these articles when they ask their questions in Google, you set up a powerful attractor that "pulls" researcher after researcher into your sphere of influence exactly when they are looking for the answers your articles provide.

Those researchers are actively seeking the information you offer. That is why they engage for a long time (an average of over three minutes per article, more about that below), giving you the time you need to influence them to the point that it builds your brand’s authority.

Attracting a researcher who is in your precise niche, then having him or her spend 3-4 minutes being educated by you is a powerful priming process, which is not to be wasted. That’s why we tag every researcher who lands on your page with a tracking pixel, and then serve them with your conversion opportunity every time they land on another Bitesize Bio article; Your conversion opportunity is an eBook, free sample or other compelling offer that will move them to give you their contact details and get them into your CRM system.


Can I do Life Science Marketing 2.0 myself?

Yes, but it would take you years of consistent effort and investment to see the sort of returns we are talking about.

The reason is it takes years of front-loaded effort to establish a platform that can support Life Science Marketing 2.0. Individual content pieces generally don’t work on their own. Even a small collection of content doesn’t pack much of a punch.

Here are the ingredients required for a Life Science Marketing 2.0 that can support your content in delivering high ROI for you from day 1 and for years, even decades afterwards:

Required Ingredient #1: Search Engine Ranking Authority

Organic search traffic is the fuel that drives your perpetual Life Science Marketing 2.0 Machine. That's because Google, Bing, et. al. are where bioscientists look every day for answers when they have burning questions. The amount of daily organic search traffic that any single piece of educational content pulls in is determined by how well it ranks in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These results are determined in large part by the Search Engine Ranking Authority (Search Engine Ranking Authority) of the website where the article is published. This matters because Search Engine Ranking Authority is an important part of the algorithms search engines use to determine how pages rank relative to one another. Search Engine Ranking Authority is what gets your listing to the top of the list.

To enable your branded education to attract hundreds or even thousands of researchers every month for years and years, you must publish it on a website that has a very high Search Engine Ranking Authority.

Creating a platform with high Search Engine Ranking Authority is a long slog. You need to published hundreds or even thousands of high quality, compelling educational articles over years to build Search Engine Ranking Authority. The longer your platform has been around, the more articles you publish on it, and the more authoritative your articles are, the higher your platform’s Search Engine Ranking Authority will be. And the higher your platform’s Search Engine Ranking Authority is, the greater the possibility of any future articles you publish ranking highly in SERPs and drawing a large, perpetual stream of researchers from organic search.

Required Ingredient #2: A readily accessible, established fanbase

Organic search is the long term fuel for your Life Science Marketing 2.0 engine. But a huge, readily accessible fanbase is the nitro-boost that pours an immediate surge of researchers into your branded education from the moment it is published, giving it an instant “hit”. It is a bit like a display campaign (except with 10-100 times as many click-throughs).

Just like Search Engine Ranking Authority, establishing a readily accessible fanbase takes years of commitment to regularly and consistently create content that genuinely helps and delights your target market, and keeps them coming back for more.

Once you have that fanbase, any articles you publish will receive a spike of targeted researchers from your fans, then an ongoing long tail of researchers from organic search.


Search Engine Ranking Authority and a fan base have one thing in common: they both require commitment to the ongoing creation of excellent content that addresses the actual pain points of your customers and potential customers. This simply can’t be done with the minimal staff that most companies throw at their blogs and other content projects. Writing the content is the relatively easy part. Keeping the ideas flowing however is entirely another matter. Most corporate content projects fail simply because after they pick all the low hanging fruit, they have no system for generating new ideas. That’s why you see so many company blogs crammed with filler content like news, research results, or breathless updates like “we’ll be at conference X”. While this stuffed content is easy to create, it fails entirely to meet the objective of attracting and influencing a desirable audience. Posting this empty content is an ego stroking/box ticking waste and useless from a marketing perspective.

What “secret ingredient” makes all the difference?

The Secret Ingredient: A content production engine

One thing that fans and Google alike expect from any website that hosts useful information is the consistent, regular production of excellent content. Producing regular content keeps the fans coming back for more. It also demonstrates to Google that you are serious and as a result the website's Search Engine Ranking Authority continually grows, which increases the likelihood of any article on the website ranking highly in organic search.

It is no exaggeration to say that 99% of life science companies who try to establish their own content hub fail. And it is always for one or both of the following reasons:

  1. It is difficult to get management buy-in for an approach whose ROI necessarily takes years to establish.
  2. Most people underestimate what it takes to keep producing excellent content. They end up under-resourcing and drift into filling their websites with filler content (like self-aggrandising news) that has no marketing value.

You need a great deal of front-loaded effort to establish a base of content that can create Search Engine Ranking Authority and draw organic search researchers. That merely begins the work of attracting a fanbase however. Then you need a steady flow of ongoing content in order to continue building both Search Engine Ranking Authority and your fanbase. This is the only way to keep growing the return from individual articles in your content pool.

You could build your own content production engine: hire the qualified writers, staff the editorial management, develop the editorial guidelines and procedures -- or you could just use us. Bitesize Bio already has a fully operational content production engine ready to serve you.


You've never heard of Bitesize Bio? Or you think we're a minor player?

Some marketers may not have heard of Bitesize Bio, but researchers certainly have.We’ve been quietly building our audience, influence and reach since 2010 and now attract and engage over 2.11 million bioscience researchers each year.

And according to independent metrics collected by Amazon’s, which measures traffic for all of the world’s websites, and ranks them according to the amount of traffic they attract (#1 being highest), Bitesize Bio has greater pulling power than many of the websites you might normally consider for outbound marketing.

How can you deploy Life Science Marketing 2.0 today?

If Life Science Marketing 2.0 typically takes years to deploy, what is a marketer with legitimate short term interests to do?

The only place that you can instantly set up Life Science Marketing 2.0 is Bitesize Bio. We have already put in the required, massive front-loaded effort necessary to create a platform upon which newly-published branded education can be launched and be guaranteed to attract an instant and perpetual audience of engaged bioscientists.

We’ve been putting in that effort since 2008 so you can benefit from it today. Bitesize Bio has all three elements required to keep a researcher-pumping conversion engine roaring in Life Science Marketing 2.0 style:

  • We have a massive community of bioscientists (1,800,000 unique visitors in 2015) that ensures an immediate audience for every article we publish.
  • Our powerful search engine authority (Search Engine Ranking Authority) propels each new article we publish high up Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) to secure a continuous flow of targeted traffic to each article for years after it is published.
  • An army of over 100 pan-technical, lab-based writers, supported by an excellent, experienced editorial team keeps the ideas and copy flowing for both Bitesize Bio’s in-house articles and our customer’s articles.

This positions us to deploy life science marketing for you right out of the box and to deliver unparalleled results for you month after month, year after year.


What does Life Science Marketing 2.0 deliver when it’s done right?

When it is deployed on a suitable platform, branded education is literally the marketer’s silver bullet:

  • It attracts rather than interrupts
  • It brings in tightly targeted researchers
  • It creates multiple conversion opportunities per contact
  • It delivers all of the above continuously month after month for decades

Best of all, each piece of content adds to the geometric growth of this permanent set of marketing assets. Every new piece of content benefits from the already existing search engine authority (Search Engine Ranking Authority), and the Search Engine Ranking Authority of every existing piece of content is strengthened by the addition of each piece of new content. The collective group of these permanent marketing assets underpin your entire marketing effort for years to come. These permanent marketing assets relentlessly pump high quality researchers into your business, grow brand visibility/authority and win conversions to your sales/lead generation pages every day, forever, on autopilot.

This simply changes the whole equation of life science marketing.


How can you turn perpetual researcher flow into perpetual profit?

A marketing placement that perpetually attracts a flow of targeted researchers to your branded page is already miles ahead of Life Science Marketing 1.0.

But Life Science Marketing 2.0 does even more than that. It literally converts that perpetual researcher stream into perpetual value for your company. It does this in two ways:

Result #1:

It builds visibility and authority for your brand

Great content that genuinely helps your customers and potential customers tackle their problems, pain-points and stumbling blocks does wonders for your brand’s reputation. Prospects who land on your page are actively engaged. They have taken willing action to dig into your article because they need help with the topic that your article addresses. Because your topic is exactly the right thing to help them within that moment, they recognize you as the solution provider.

There is simply no better way to establish the authority of your brand than to give your researchers the help they actually need. In doing this, your content starts building a relationship with each researcher. And remember, each piece of your content does this for you for researcher after researcher, day after day, perpetually on autopilot.

Result #2:

It provides multiple opportunities to get each person who lands on your article, into your CRM

So far we know that your content attracts a stream of targeted researchers for years and it builds kudos for your brand by giving them help around a topic about which they are actively seeking assistance. That in itself is fabulous marketing.

But wouldn’t it be even better if that stream of researchers could be piped into your existing sales pages and lead generation pages?

Life Science Marketing 2.0 creates just that opportunity, day after day on autopilot. Every researcher who lands on the page is tagged with a tracking pixel and is served, immediately and then every time they view a Bitesize Bio article forever after, with your conversion opportunity: a prominent banner, leading to a landing page which offers your eBook, free sample or other offer that compels them to provide you with their contact details and gets them into your CRM system.




How can you put live events, video, audio, print and graphics to work for you?

When it comes to attracting researchers from our fanbase and from organic search, educational articles are the gold standard. They succinctly address specific pain points and knowledge gaps for your customers and potential customers. This targeting, along with immediate delivery of “free assistance” compels your readers to click through to your other offers.

But articles aren’t the only kind of effective content. Consider the benefits that webinars can bring you. Webinars have the unique ability to create live engagement with your researchers, in addition to generating healthy lists of leads.

Until now, anywhere other than Bitesize Bio you find that webinars are treated as a disposable commodity. After the live broadcast, a typical webinar might be hosted on-demand for a few months. After that, it disappears from view and the ROI grinds to a halt.

But webinars on Bitesize Bio’s Life Science Marketing 2.0 platform never stop delivering ROI. We call them:

Forever Webinar Packages

A Forever Webinar on Bitesize Bio starts just like a webinar on most other platforms. Publicity for the live event gathers a list of targeted leads. A portion of those leads attend the live broadcast to be influenced by the content. Finally, the webinar is published as a branded on-demand video on the platform.

That’s where the similarities end. Unlike virtually every other platform, we host your webinars permanently so they deliver value for years. And because this is Life Science Marketing 2.0, you get to serve your conversion opportunity to each person who visits the on-demand video, immediately as they view the video - and then every time they visit another Bitesize Bio article, thanks to our retargeting system.

But that is just the beginning. We then apply a whole arsenal of approaches to ensure that targeted researchers from organic search and other sources keep relentlessly finding your webinar video month after month, year after year.

Those approaches include:

  • Publishing a transcription of the video to improve the SEO value of the video page
  • Creating and promoting an Educational Article (the very best thing for perpetually attracting researchers from organic search) based on the content of your webinar that links out to the video itself
  • Promoting clips of the webinar (which link out to the original video) to our YouTube channel
  • Recording an audio version of the webinar (which provides a link to the original video) to our webinars podcast on iTunes

Further, we are always experimenting with additional approaches to keep targeted researchers flowing to your webinars and their associated conversion elements.


Forever Product Article Packages

Most savvy marketers already grasp the superior marketing power that comes from educational placements. However some marketers and a lot of management teams are aching to talk directly about their products and services. Can this be successful?

No. And yes. Wait, isn’t that a contradiction? The fact is straight up product articles by themselves are fatally flawed from a marketing standpoint. They are not easily found unless someone is directly searching for your product by name. Most of your researchers are not explicitly interested in your products, they are interested in solutions to their problems. So these articles by themselves don’t draw in your audience and they don’t properly impress the small audience that might show up.

But there is a way to make product articles work. We call it the Forever Product Article Package. A Forever Product Article Package has two parts: an Explainer Article and an Educational Article. An Explainer Article scratches the itch for those who feel the urge to directly demonstrate what their product can offer.

To make that Explainer Article relevant, you first need something that stirs researcher interest and creates traffic. We do this by creating an Educational Article that is related to your product topic. Your Educational Article then links out to your Explainer Article. The perpetual flow of targeted researchers that your Educational Article attracts is piped into your Explainer Article year after year. Your Explainer Article then closes the loop and showcases your product.

On top if that, both articles show your conversion elements alongside the content to grab those perpetual conversion opportunities. A Forever Article Package allows you to satisfy your boss and join the 21st century in one fell swoop.


Are you ready to join the “big boys”?

In our initial pilot program, we made Life Science Marketing 2.0 available to a limited group of companies. They immediately and enthusiastically embraced it. Starting from their in-house know-how, we worked with them to create Educational Articles, Explainer Articles and Forever Webinars to build their marketing assets within the Bitesize Bio community.

Those companies include GE Healthcare, BD Biosciences, ZEISS Microscopy, LCG Biosearch Technologies, Lumenera, Bio-Techne, Sage Science, Novus Biologicals and several more.

In fact, here’s what Johannes Amon, Communications Manager for ZEISS Microscopy said about his company’s experience:

Johannes Amon
Johannes Amon

“I highly recommend branded education-driven marketing [Life Science Marketing 2.0] at Bitesize Bio. It just works.

The performance, in terms of attracting and engaging our target market on an ongoing basis, is amazing; simply incomparable to any other portal we use.”

Get started with Life Science Marketing 2.0 at Bitesize Bio with a great value Test Drive Package

If you’ve never tried it before, Life Science Marketing 2.0 can feel strange. We’re so accustomed to paying high prices for placements that only work for a short time that investing for both the short and long term simultaneously can seem counterintuitive.
For that reason, we offer all new Life Science Marketing 2.0 customers the option of  one of our “test drive packages,” which are 6-12 month campaigns that offer:
  • Reduced cost Life Science Marketing 2.0 placements
  • Free temporary ownership of established Life Science Marketing 2.0 placements on Bitesize Bio that are already attracting at least 500 targeted researchers per month
  • Free Life Science Marketing 1.0 placements (aka display and eblasts) worth at least the same value as the entire package
  • Package values range from $12k to $50k or above, to fit to your budget

What are you thinking now?

Option #1

I'm interested in Life Science Marketing 2.0

If this is you, please fill out the form below to request our Life Science Marketing 2.0 media pack from our Marketing Outreach Manager Stephanie Larae. The media pack explains more about Life Science Marketing 2.0 in a format you can share with your colleagues. Your media pack will be emailed to you immediately after you fill out the form.

Option #2

I'd rather stick with display advertising

First, let us remind you that when you try a Life Science Marketing 2.0 test drive, you get a free display advertising package on Bitesize Bio worth more than the price of the test drive itself. So there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain, in going for a test drive. 
However, if you'd rather stick with display ads and eblasts, we do offer great deals on these these. Simply click the button below to order your "Life Science Marketing 1.0 @ Bitesize Bio" media pack and we'll email it right over.

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