Webinar: How to Consistently Create Compelling Content for Life Scientists

The key factor for the success of your content marketing endeavours is to consistently create content that is of genuine value to your target market. When your target market is life scientists, this creates a special challenge.

In growing Bitesize Bio from a one-person blog into a content asset that contains thousands of compelling items of content, and publishes new content every working day, we have wrestled with these special challenges. Over the years we have evolved a system that works.

In this webinar Dr Nick Oswald, the Founder and Managing Director of Bitesize Bio explains the key lessons we have learned along the way, and the solutions we have put in place that enables us to keep reliably creating high quality content that attracts and influences bioscientists.


Photo by stevendepolo

Nick Oswald is the Founder of Bitesize Bio. From writing Bitesize Bio's first article on his kitchen table in 2007, to developing and managing the behemoth that Bitesize Bio has become, he's learned all about content production and Content Marketing in the school of hard-knocks (i.e. real life). He pays close attention to what marketers want, and applies his experience and innovation to make Bitesize Bio the ultimate Content Marketing platform for Life Science Marketers.

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