Webinar: How to Use Content to Create Self-Filling Sales Funnels that Convert

Over the eight years that we have been growing Bitesize Bio from a tiny seed into a towering blossom that now attracts more than 1.8 million bioscientists each year, we have pondered the question of how educational content can effectively market to life scientists. All along we had an idea of how it could work, but the ROI was vague: “You create education, bioscientists read it and get help, then they love you, so they’re more likely to buy from you someday” was where it was stuck for a long time.

But in the last couple of years – through lots of head-scratching, late-night discussion sessions (often involving a glass of fine wine or two) and a lot of experimentation with Bitesize Bio – we finally zeroed in on how this works.

We developed a setup for education to deliver value for bioscientists and ROI for the sponsoring company that delivers results – with real boss-pleasing percentages and everything – that beat any other marketing approach you’re using right now by a country mile.

In a nutshell, when educational content is placed permanently inside an online educational hub that has a large fan base, it instantly attracts targeted, self-selected readers from the fan base. Then it attracts an increasing number of readers month-on-month for decades, due to the organic search gravitas the hub has earned.

If the article delivers genuine value, those readers are converted into grateful researchers. And the best researchers are grateful researchers.

We can say that from experience. We’ve seen that when we give readers-turned-grateful-researchers the option to click on product links or download sponsors’ eBooks, they will read the content they initially came to view at rates 10x or even 50x higher than they look at conventional digital marketing you’re using right now.

Not only that, because education is permanent and the readers come from organic search, each piece of educational content continues to attract, engage and convert, essentially forever on auto-pilot.

Bitesize Bio’s Founder, Dr Nick Oswald, lays it all out in this webinar. If you’re frustrated with paying over and over to maintain your reach and/or you’d like to be able to show your boss conversion figures that are in double digits instead of zero-point-something, this webinar might be the best 42 minutes you’ve ever invested in your career and company. So click the video below.


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Nick Oswald is the Founder of Bitesize Bio. From writing Bitesize Bio's first article on his kitchen table in 2007, to developing and managing the behemoth that Bitesize Bio has become, he's learned all about content production and Content Marketing in the school of hard-knocks (i.e. real life). He pays close attention to what marketers want, and applies his experience and innovation to make Bitesize Bio the ultimate Content Marketing platform for Life Science Marketers.

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